Team American Sentinel: Regan Chorlog

Team American Sentinel: Regan Chorlog

Each Friday we will be introducing you to one player on the American Sentinel University team. Everyone works hard to make sure our students reach their goals through supporting students and constantly improving our curriculum. When our students graduate with a relevant, innovative healthcare degree we all win!

Meet Senior Systems Administrator, Regan Chorlog

What is your favorite part about your position with American Sentinel?

My favorite part of my position here is that I have a lot of freedom to be creative in the direction we are going technology-wise. I am able to freely look for and utilize the latest innovations to streamline and simplify our IT needs. 

What is your favorite quote?

I have many quotes that inspire me and I continue to find more. Here is my latest: “The bravest are surely those who have the clearest vision of what is before them, glory and danger alike, and yet notwithstanding, go out to meet it.” – Thucydides

What is your favorite part of winter?

The snow. I grew up in Miami, Florida so snow was foreign to me for the first part of my life. Seeing it for the first time was like a revelation and that feeling has stuck with me to this day.

What is your dream job?

My dream job would be acting in films. I tried hard at it when I was younger but it never came to me naturally. So, it looks like there’s no “Mission Impossible” role for me, haha. 

What is your favorite movie or TV show?

Currently I’m watching “Mr. Robot” and it’s incredible!

If you could meet any historical figure, who would it be?

Nicola Tesla, who I think is the greatest inventor of all time.

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