New York Nurse Continues Journey to Leadership with MSN and DNP

New York Nurse Continues Journey to Leadership with MSN and DNP

When Beata Reshetar came to the United States from her home country of Hungary 13 years ago, she was “starting just about everything from scratch.” “I spoke no English and had a young child and wanted to go to school, but it was very tough,” recalls Beata, who came to New York City. As a young girl, she’d dreamed of becoming a doctor, but needed to start her career sooner than medical school would allow. Nursing, she thought, was a good fit. 

First step: learn english

Before doing anything, Beata enrolled in a full-time English as a Second Language program (CLIP) that was connected to the local community college. Once she became more comfortable with the language, she took classes at a community college at the encouragement of her instructor and worked at a home care facility. “It still wasn’t easy for me to understand lectures and other students, but I bought a digital dictionary and wrote down every word my professors would say that I wasn’t sure of and translated it at home,” she says. “Little by little, I started to understand. That really impacted my attitude today. Everything in life is achievable if you work hard.

Beata was accepted into the BSN program at Adelphi University. She graduated in 2009 and took her first nursing job with Community Action for Human Services, an intermediate care facility that serves the psychiatric patient population. Soon, she joined Seniorbridge, a part of Humana, the largest healthcare provider in the United States, as a geriatric care manager and homecare supervisor.

A passion for sharing knowledge

In 2010, Beata decided to further her education with an MBA. “When I started nursing school, I knew I would teach one day,” she says. In fact, Beata started teaching at LaGuardia Community College and Mildred-Elley School of Nursing part time in 2011—and by the time she graduated with the MBA the following year, she was enjoying teaching so much she decided to continue on for an MSN. “Even though the MBA was great, I realized I needed more advanced clinical knowledge and competency.”

Beata started looking for online MSN programs that would fit her busy life and found American Sentinel University. “I really liked everything from my first communication with the university. It was affordable, and I liked how caring and responsive the admissions people and advisors were.” Beata enrolled in the MSN, nursing management and organizational leadership. “I think I made the best decision ever. I liked the educational platform and how easy it was to navigate. It was very much what I was looking for.”

Making a move–and more education

When Beata started her MSN program, she became the director of nursing at Ocean Health Initiatives, a Federally Qualified Health Center in New Jersey that provides affordable family healthcare at multiple sites. When she graduated from the MSN program, she was immediately drawn to American Sentinel’s Doctor of Nursing Practice Educational Leadership. “I think that more education can never hurt,” Beata says. “Also, healthcare is so complicated and changing a lot. The more you learn, the more you understand.”

Beata started the DNP in 2015. Being in management at Ocean Health Initiatives was certainly a motivator, but Beata also has her sights set on become a full-time educator one day. Currently, she is an adjunct faculty member for both Adelphi University—her alma mater—and Seton Hall University.

Promoted to VP

The DNP has already strengthened Beata’s resume, and even qualified her for a big promotion in the fall of 2016—to vice president of quality assurance at Ocean Health Initiatives. “My experience and dedication to the patients and staff made me a candidate, but my education definitely came into play, as advanced education simply opens more doors,” she says. “Education has taught me a lot about healthcare from different perspectives, which has influenced my career. I’ve had very diverse experience, and I’m so grateful for that.

Inspired by Beata’s story? A DNP with a specialization in educational leadership prepares master’s-educated nurses for leadership roles in nursing education programs. When you acquire new knowledge, you can apply it to nursing practice in ways that enhance patient care and improve outcomes.

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