Pennsylvania Human Services Case Worker Works Toward M.S. Business Intelligence for Future Research Career

Since he was a child, Joshua M. Nussbaum has loved technology. “It’s always interested me,” says Josh, who was born in California but moved to Pennsylvania at the age of eight. In high school, he built a database of his music collection that catalogues not just titles and artists, but dates—of attributes like where he was when he first heard a song. He titled the project MAYHEM, which stands for Music Analysis Yield Helping Enhance Memory

A passion for technology and psychology

By the time Josh got to Pennsylvania State University, he was ready to begin his journey toward working with data as well as people. He majored in both psychology and information science and technology, interning at the global provider of generic pharmaceuticals, Mylan, his senior year. Josh graduated in May 2016 and started his career working as a data analyst. 

Starting his American Sentinel journey

Even immediately after graduation, Josh knew he would one day earn a bachelor’s degree but wanted to work for a little while first to decide the right path. An IT officer in the Civil Air Patrol (U.S. Air Force Auxiliary) since 2015, he became familiar with American Sentinel University when he learned of the Patrol’s educational partnership with the university. “I was immediately intrigued by the tuition discount, but when I looked at the Master of Science Business Intelligence and Analytics, it really drew me in,” Josh says. “I knew an MBA wasn’t quite right for me; I definitely wanted a data-driven degree.” Josh started the M.S. Business Intelligence and Analytics in September 2016. 

A new job, a new adventure

After a year at his data analyst position, Josh decided he missed working with and helping people. Last month, he got a job at the Allegheny County Department of Human Services as a case worker. “It’s interesting because I’m someone with an interest in helping people and an interest in analysis and data and research,” he says. When he completes the M.S. Business Intelligence and Analytics, Josh hopes he’ll be equipped to combine his passions. “Part of counseling and psychology is research, and a master’s degree in analytics certainly cannot hurt me. I see myself staying in counseling, but I’ll never stop being interested in building things in Excel and Access. I hope my education in psychology, IT, and now business intelligence will set me up to do great things.” 

Great potential in healthcare

Having worked for a large healthcare company while in college, Josh appreciates American Sentinel’s healthcare focus. “I feel like healthcare is such a strong, stable industry, and that’s another reason I decided to earn my education here,” he says. “I’ve been very pleased with the curriculum and the university so far.”

As for his future plans, Josh has confidence that his graduate education will help him take his next steps, whatever they might be. “I feel like I’m able to take so much of what I learned as an undergraduate and combine it with what I’m learning at American Sentinel to apply to my approach to caring for people. And one day, this degree will help me move into research if I decide to do so.”

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