The Year in Review: Best of 2017

It was an incredibly busy year for us at The Sentinel Watch, American Sentinel University’s blog, as we created 212 blog posts during 2017.

We reported and commented on the trends that define healthcare today, and, as always, we pointed out how these industry-wide trends affect nursing practice.

This year, we continued our posts from Nurse Keith, a well-known nursing career coach, blogger, podcaster, and speaker. His message of savvy career strategies and personal satisfaction reaches tens of thousands of nurses around the world, and we were ecstatic to have him continue to contribute to our blog. If you missed any of these, it is well worth going back to read Nurse Keith’s 21 amazing blog posts from 2017.

We also continued our partnership with Dr. Renee Thompson, one of nursing’s top thought leaders in professional development and anti-bullying strategies. These blog posts examine the roots of nurse bullying and conflict resolution as Dr. Thompson shares her professional insight on how to best address and eliminate workplace bullying. If you’ve ever been bullied or witnessed bullying on the job, you’ll want to look at Dr. Renee Thompson’s 14 informative blog posts from 2017.

This blog is all about your career, so of course we provided plenty of career strategies, along with tips and tricks for nurses who are juggling work with further education. Some of our favorite career posts include:

As technology becomes ever more important to healthcare in general, we found a lot to say about tech-related topics. If you missed any of these, here’s another chance to click and read them.

This was also a year when our patients were very much on our minds, as we explored the ways in which we can put patients first. One such way is by recognizing diversity in our patient population. In an increasingly diverse, multicultural society, nurses are challenged to provide effective care to patients of all religions, races, and cultures—and so our special series on cultural competency was born, to round out posts on patient advocacy and eliminating health disparities.

As always, we ran many “Success Stories,” in which we profiled noteworthy students who used a degree from American Sentinel to change their own lives, follow a dream, and enhance their careers. If you’re considering an online BSN, MSN, or DNP degree, please scroll through our blog posts from 2017 to find your inspiration.

Happy New Year from American Sentinel University! Be sure to visit our blog again in 2018!

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