American Sentinel University Celebrates Geisinger Graduates

American Sentinel University Celebrates Geisinger Graduates

President Adams speaks to graduates

American Sentinel University and Geisinger have enjoyed a strong partnership for many years. Both are dedicated to helping nurses better aid their patients and communities. Geisinger’s commitment to offering unsurpassed patient care has led its development of advanced education initiatives, in particular the encouragement of RNs to complete bachelor and master’s level programs.

Through the educational partnership with American Sentinel, Geisinger employees can return to school to earn their BSN, MSN, DNP or MBA even while working full-time. Employees also benefit from tuition discounts, deferred payment programs, and simplified financial and reimbursement paperwork. Over 400 students have taken advantage of the benefits the partnership provides, earning an advanced degree.


Dr. Terri Bickert and President Adams

In the fall of 2017, Geisinger and American Sentinel teamed up to honor graduates with a special onsite commencement ceremony. American Sentinel’s President and Chief Academic Officer, Mary Adams, was on hand to recognize each student. Adams was joined by Geisinger Vice President of Nursing, Dr. Terri Bickert, DNP, RN, NEA-BC and Geisinger Director of Outpatient Nursing, and Coordinator Nursing Affiliations, Patricia A. Campbell, MSN, RN. Both Bickert and Campbell have been instrumental in supporting Geisinger’s advanced education initiatives, identifying and vetting education resources, as well as supporting the educational efforts of their staff.


“The opportunity to recognize the graduates in their workplace, with family and friends present to celebrate their accomplishments, made this event stand out for me since it is the exception that we get to spend time with our students outside of the classroom,” said Adams.

“American Sentinel’s partnership has allowed many of our nurses to complete their BSN and/or graduate degree’s while continuing to work full time and enjoy time for family activities,” said Campbell. “The feedback from our nurses is overwhelmingly positive. It was exciting to have graduates and their families have an opportunity to celebrate their graduation.”

American Sentinel is honored to partner with such an innovative and forward-thinking organization as Geisinger. The dedication of the organization, as well as that of each graduate, is matched only by their devotion to their patients and community.

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