Karen’s Corner: Making Time for You

When you’re in a helping profession like nursing, it can be very hard to make yourself a priority. As healthcare professionals, you owe it to ourselves and your patients to practice what we preach. Dr. Karen Whitham breaks down how you can make time for you.

Karen’s Corner: Balancing Homework with Family

For those of you with family, the RN to BSN program may seem like an impossible balancing act that may leave one or more members of your family feeling short-changed. However, Dr. Karen Whitham is living proof that you can emerge from this program with your relationships and family unit intact.

Karen’s Corner: How to Earn Your BSN and Still Have a Life

In addition to working full-time, you have your family and friends, plus the routine chores of daily life: you know, shopping, cooking, cleaning, laundry, bills and so on. Let’s not forget that you also need time to relax, stay fit and enjoy life. So how on earth will you find time for everything? Dr. Karen Whitham breaks it down.

Move Forward in Your Career Without Leaving Anything Behind

Summer is winding down and it’s that time again – back to school season. Our Ready, Set, Grow series is an eight-part series that will walk an adult learner through the process of going back to school, starting with deciding if going back to school is right for you. Part seven outlines how you can go to school without sacrificing your family and personal time.