American Sentinel University Develops New Virtual Simulation Platform

Since its inception, American Sentinel University has prided itself on being innovative. Today, we are continuing that effort and introducing Sentinel Health™, the first virtual health system.

How Simulations Enhance the  <em>SIM</em>Path® Program

Nurses with experience have a new way to earn their Bachelor of Science in Nursing degrees: through American Sentinel’s RN to BSN program powered by SIMPath®

Family Support Assessment

The Family Support Assessment is a short, concept-specific virtual clinical scenario used in American Sentinel’s RN to BSN Powered by SIMPath® program

Sentinel Town™

Sentinel Town™ is a rural community that empowers American Sentinel RN to BSN Powered by SIMPath® students to complete community health and leadership practice experiences from their own digital devices.

Virtual Nursing Simulations

Healthcare Learning Innovations, a division of American Sentinel University, is transforming nursing education with a portfolio of unique, immersive, gamified simulations that accelerate learning and improve critical decision-making.

Sentinel City® 3.0

Sentinel City® 3.0 Population Health Simulation is an immersive educational environment used in American Sentinel’s RN to BSN Powered by SIMPath® Program.