American Sentinel University Develops New Virtual Simulation Platform

American Sentinel University Develops New Virtual Simulation Platform

December 18, 2019

Since its inception, American Sentinel University has prided itself on being innovative. We formed American Sentinel to provide high-quality, online degree and certificate programs. Today, we are continuing that effort and introducing Sentinel Health™, the first virtual health system. The first product in a series of interactive, web-based learning solutions developed as part of the Sentinel Health™ portfolio is SentinelHospital™, a virtual hospital designed to house simulation-based assignments for American Sentinel University nursing and healthcare students as well as partner health system and hospital professional development healthcare employees.

Improving the learner experience

Sentinel Health will do what American Sentinel does so well: offer learners an additional learning method. Learning through simulation increases retention. Sentinel Hospital will be introduced into courses in American Sentinel’s competency-based RN to BSN Powered by SIMPath® program and other curricula starting in early 2020.

Through competency-based SIMPath programs, learners complete online competencies at their own pace rather than take online eight-week courses. The competency-based SIMPath programs allow learners to accelerate their learning and include virtual simulations where students can improve their clinical judgment and decision-making.

Other clinical scenarios to come

Sentinel Hospital offers learners a variety of virtual simulation assignments, leading them through typical situations that a nurse/healthcare professional will encounter in a hospital setting. But there is more planned for Sentinel Health beyond Sentinel Hospital! Additional entities such as Sentinel Clinic™, Sentinel Hospice™ and Sentinel Women™ will mimic a realistic, full-service health system. The goal of all Sentinel Health entities is to offer learners the opportunity to gain experience in realistic, risk-free, simulated environments.

Sentinel Hospital joins Sentinel City® and Sentinel Town®

Healthcare Learning Innovations is the division of American Sentinel that creates the University’s simulation products. The flagship simulation is Sentinel City, which includes 23+ assignments covering everything from virtual urban community assessments to natural disasters and population-focused interventions. Sentinel Town is a complementary rural community virtual simulation where students complete their community and population health assignments.  Now Sentinel Health and Sentinel Hospital become the latest additions to the simulation learning resources portfolio.

A pioneer in virtual simulation-based education, American Sentinel’s Healthcare Learning Innovations works with many colleges, universities, and hospitals. Over the past two years, Healthcare Learning Innovations created virtual clinical scenarios such as Prioritization of Care® and Nursing Quality Indicators™ as assignments for various nursing courses (from nursing fundamentals to leadership) as well as hospital nurse professional development and residency programs.   

Reach out to learn more American Sentinel is excited to continue to serve the needs of the nursing industry through Sentinel Health. Visit to learn more today.