American Sentinel Celebrates Constitution Week

On September 17, 1787, the delegates to the Constitutional Convention met for the last time to sign the document they had created. We encourage all Americans to observe this important day in our nation’s history. (

American Sentinel University will join the nation in celebrating the U.S. Constitution starting Monday, September 11 and culminating in the announcement of our quiz participant winners on Monday, September 18.

In honor of Constitution Day, American Sentinel students, faculty and staff are invited to test their knowledge of the Constitution with this quiz:

Students and alumni who take the quiz will be entered into a drawing for gift certificates to the American Sentinel University store. (Unlike your college quizzes, you don’t have to pass the quiz to win! All students and alumni who participate will be entered in the drawing.)

As we celebrate Constitution Week from September 11-15, 2017, we recognize this activity as a celebration of our mission statement, which calls on us to provide students an opportunity to “enhance” their “civic lives.” Please read below what our community has had to say about the Constitution in the past years, and check back on September 18th to for our quiz participant winners!