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American Sentinel’s Response to COVID-19

We made financial and academic accommodations starting in March of 2020 to support our nursing and healthcare students.

These accommodations, which are listed below, will expire starting in the May 2021 term. For students who started a course in April or earlier, these accommodations will stay in place until the end of the course.

Financial Support

Maintaining tuition levels

As a part of our commitment to make college more accessible, we have implemented a tuition freeze for all our programs. Tuition freeze timeframe starts on the date you are enrolled in the College.

ProgramTuition Freeze
BSN24 months
BSN SIMPath12 months
BSN/MSN42 months
BSN/MSN SIMPath24 months
MSN24 months
MSN SIMPath16 months
MSN, NP FNP/AGNP33 months
MSN, NP Psych39 months
DNP Bridge42 months
DNP33 months
IPC Certificate12 months
IPC Certificate SIMPath8 months

Flexible payment plans

You can finance your tuition costs using a variety of monthly payment plan options. American Sentinel makes paying for your education convenient and affordable. We offer 0% financing with a down payment of as little as $500. These payment plans are designed to have your balance paid in full by graduation.

We also offer extended financing that allows you to make payments while in school and continue to pay off any existing balance after graduation. Finance your entire degree by paying one low, fixed monthly payment, $250 per month for an RN to B.S. Nursing or $400 per month for an M.S. degree, with the UBenefit Payment Plan.

Education Partner Program

We have education partnerships with some of the nation’s leading hospitals and healthcare organizations. Education Partner benefits include tuition discounts, deferred payment options, and simplified financial and reimbursement paperwork. See if you are eligible for one of our Education Partner programs through your employer or professional organization by speaking with an Admissions Advisor at 866.922.5690.

Academic Support

Discussion Forums

  • Initial discussion posts are required by the end of each week with the required word count.
  • One substantive peer response is due per question each week (this is down from the two required responses mentioned in course rubrics).

Course Extensions

  • Students who started a course, whether it be term-based or Powered by SIMPath, prior to 2021 are eligible to receive a course extension in that course for $1.
  • Starting on January 1, 2021, students needing additional time to complete a term-based course may request a two-week extension online for $50.
  • Starting on January 1, 2021, students in Powered by SIMPath semesters are not eligible for course extensions.

Late Assignments

  • For courses that started prior to 2021, late assignments will be accepted through Monday morning, January 4. Starting on January 4, all assignments need to be turned in on their due date (no matter when the course start date was). Please review the late policy in the course syllabus for any questions.
  • Note: The grading of late submissions will occur within 96 hours of submission date, so feedback may or may not be available for future assignments.

Course Drops

  • Students requesting to drop a course through the last day of week 2 will receive a 100% refund. Drops requested during later weeks will be processed according to the official refund policy (Policy SA3.03: Tuition Refund Policy).
  • Students may drop a course during weeks 6 and 7 to avoid a failing grade but no refund will be issued for these drops.

Thank you for your commitment to healthcare, to your communities, and to your own education.

Best wishes,

American Sentinel Staff and Faculty