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Lead The Change in Healthcare Organizations

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Master's in Nursing Leadership

You’ll be equipped and qualified to lead the change in healthcare organizations and shape the future of nursing when you choose Nursing Management and Organizational Leadership as the specialization for your Master of Science Nursing. This is one of seven specializations offered by our CCNE-accredited MSN program, specifically designed to be 100% online, giving you maximum flexibility.


MSN Specializations

M.S. Nursing, Nurse Practitioner specializations are offered in 38 states. Contact admissions for more information.

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Why Our MSN Program Works

  • Monthly start dates
  • Course length: 8 weeks
  • Work at your own pace with no mandatory login times
  • One-on-one support:
    MySentinel® Student Support

MSN Nursing Management and Organizational Leadership Curriculum

A specialization in Nursing Management and Organizational Leadership examines the various human resource challenges facing an organization as well as the dynamic nature of the strategic planning and management processes.  American Sentinel’s rigorous curriculum covers long-range planning, including budgeting, analysis, reporting and developing a capital budget. Key courses include:

  • Human Resources Management
  • Health Care Strategic Management and Planning
  • Leadership in Healthcare Organizations.

M.S. Nursing, Management and Organizational Leadership

Completion of the MSN, management and organizational leadership specialization, requires 36 credit hours. Students may be eligible to transfer up to 18 credit hours from previous graduate study.
View more information on MSN practice experiences.


Credit Hours*

REQUIRED COURSES (36 credit hours)
Core Courses (18 credit hours)


Credit Hours*

Nursing Management and Organizational Leadership Specialization (18 credit hours)

* Credit hours are equivalent to semester hours

You Can Afford It

Most American Sentinel students graduate debt free by taking advantage of flexible payment options and 0% financing. Comparing costs for higher education can be tricky. Find everything you need for a total cost comparison here and you’ll see why earning your MSN with American Sentinel offers great value.

Join our next Open House!

MSN Open House

Fri., Nov. 22, 1:00 – 2:00 p.m. MDT

Join our next Open House!

MSN Open House

Fri., Nov. 22, 1:00 – 2:00 p.m. MDT

More on the MSN Nursing Management and Organizational Leadership

American Sentinel MSN Nursing Management and Organizational Leadership graduates assume
management roles in a wide variety of healthcare organizations where they:
  • Manage resources and direct healthcare teams
  • Design and implement strategic initiatives
  • Develop evidence – based practices
  • Apply technology and critical thinking to solve problems
Graduates of the M.S. Nursing, Nursing Management and Organizational Leadership degree will be able to:
  • Analyze organizational structures and policies to address organizational issues.
  • Appraise strategic, operational and financial planning processes in health care settings.
  • Implement human resource management principles as an organizational leader.
  • Internalize various organizational and leadership concepts into personal leadership values.
  • Integrate roles as leaders and collaborators in various healthcare settings.
  • Use theoretical knowledge to guide advanced nursing practice.
  • Analyze models that expand the role of nurses in a global society.
  • Evaluate legislation, policies, and economics as applied to the current healthcare environment.
  • Appraise research to enhance professional nursing practice.

All coursework for the Master of Science Nursing is 100% online and includes Practice Experiences. Practice experiences do not involve hands-on patient care. Unlike the clinical experiences you completed to become a registered nurse, practice experiences are built in to your courses and do not add additional work.

Practice experiences are interactive learning opportunities where you get to apply the concepts you are learning to real world scenarios. They are an important requirement for accreditation, as it enables students to demonstrate educational competencies.

See MSN Practice Experiences for more information.

The mission of the MSN program is to prepare highly qualified professional nursing personnel to serve global healthcare communities as administrators, educators, and informatics specialists.

  • Active, unencumbered RN license
  • Bachelor of science nursing degree with a minimum GPA of 2.0 or
  • Comparable degree as determined by
    eligible third – party evaluation service

Note:  No GRE or other placement test is required for admission.

What Our Students Are Saying

“At American Sentinel, you’ll get the support you need. The school is structured in a way that you will learn and achieve, and they will never let you fail.”
“When you’ve been out of college for a long time, it’s a little intimidating to go back. American Sentinel had this nurturing, supportive feel to it. Everyone there was nice from the very beginning, and once I started, the instructors and student success advisors were just wonderful.”