Paying for School

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American Sentinel is waiving the new student resource fee ($300 for DNP students and $100 for all other students) if you enroll in April and register for a May or June course. Additionally, we offer no-interest payment plans and a variety of options to help you pay for your education. Our admissions advisors can help you choose the best one for you.

Payment Plans

You can finance some or all of your tuition costs, interest free, through our in-house payment plans.

Pay $250 per month for an RN to B.S. Nursing or $400 per month for an M.S. Nursing degree with the UBenefit Payment Plan.
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American Sentinel makes paying for your education convenient and affordable. We offer 0% financing with a down payment of as little as $500.
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Federal Student Financial Aid

Students with financial need may qualify for federal student aid—loans or grants. Our Financial Aid Office is here to assist you in determining if you qualify for federal student aid and guiding you through the process.
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Scholarships, Grants and Discounts

Scholarships and Grants are forms of education funding that can be used for tuition, fees, and other education expenses. They do not need to be repaid; therefore, they are deal for paying for school. Eligibility may be based on degree program, field of study, financial need, or a combination of factors.

Military Benefits

American Sentinel offers an extensive list of military tuition and benefits. TA and VA benefits, military scholarships, federal student aid and other tuition reimbursement programs are available for active and non-active military students and their spouses as well as veterans.

At American Sentinel, you have a head start. A no-cost evaluation of prior college, military training, work experience, and DSST, CLEP and ACE credits can help you earn your degree faster.
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Education Partner Program

We have education partnerships with some of the nation’s leading hospitals and healthcare organizations. Education Partner benefits include tuition discounts, deferred payment programs, and simplified financial and reimbursement paperwork. See if you are eligible for one of our Education Partner programs through your employer or professional organization by speaking with an Admissions Advisor at 866.922.5690.

Employer Reimbursement

More than 1,300 employers—from Fortune 500 companies to government agencies to manufacturing, retail, healthcare and financial services companies—reimburse employees for their American Sentinel University tuition costs. Talk to your human resources department, and then contact an admissions advisor.

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General Education Alternatives

American Sentinel has a partnership with Sophia Pathways which allows you to take undergraduate general education course alternatives, making a degree more affordable and convenient to achieve.
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You can make your initial payment of tuition and/or new student resource fee by credit or debit card. To submit your payment request online, please visit our Online Payment page. Contact your admissions advisor for more details.

Set Up Autopay

Use this form to set up your auto pay. For auto pay from a checking account, you must complete the pre-authorized payment deduction form. Federal student aid also is available—learn more in our Financial Aid Resource Center.