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A Variety Of Options To Pay For School Are Available

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Paying for School

American Sentinel offers a variety of options, some of which are listed below, that may help you pay for your education. Our admissions advisors can help you choose the best one for you.

Payment Options
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Payment Plans

You can finance your tuition costs using a variety of monthly payment plan options.

American Sentinel makes paying for your education convenient and affordable. We offer 0% financing with a down payment of as little as $500. These payment plans are designed to have your balance paid in full by graduation.

We also offer extended financing that allows you to make payments while in school and continue to pay off any existing balance after graduation. Finance your entire degree by paying one low, fixed monthly payment, $250 per month for an RN to B.S. Nursing or $400 per month for an M.S. degree, with the UBenefit Payment Plan. See more information below.

Scholarships, Grants and Discounts

American Sentinel University offers scholarship, grants and discounts which may reduce or waive tuition, fees, and other educational expenses. Eligibility may be based on degree program, field of study, financial need, or a combination of these or other factors.

  • “Yes You CANN” (Career Advancement for New Nurses) Course-based RN to BSN Payment Plan and Scholarship – for new nurses with less than 2 years of experience
  • “Nurse Appreciation” Scholarship – up to $3,420
  • DNP Travel Assistance Program
  • Expertise in IT Scholarship – up to $3,420
  • Military Scholarship – up to 46% off standard tuition rates

Federal Student Financial Aid

Students with financial need may qualify for federal student aid—loans or grants. Our Financial Aid Office is here to assist you in determining if you qualify for federal student aid and guiding you through the process. 

Military Benefits

American Sentinel offers reduced tuition and other benefits, such as waived graduation audit fees, for our military member students and their spouses. We have experience working with students approved for military benefits, including TA and VA benefits.

At American Sentinel, you have a head start. A no-cost evaluation of prior college, military training, work experience, and DSST, CLEP and ACE credits can help you earn your degree faster.

Education Partner Program

We have education partnerships with some of the nation’s leading hospitals and healthcare organizations. Education Partner benefits include tuition discounts, deferred payment options, and simplified financial and reimbursement paperwork. See if you are eligible for one of our Education Partner programs through your employer or professional organization by speaking with an Admissions Advisor at 866.922.5690.

Employer Reimbursement

American Sentinel University provides customized assistance for students wanting to use tuition reimbursement benefits through their employer. This includes providing cost verification invoices for tuition and fees as well as documentation needed to confirm successful completion of the course. Talk to your human resources department to see if you qualify, and then contact an admissions advisor to see how we can help.

General Education Alternatives

American Sentinel University offers the opportunity to demonstrate proficiency in a general education course’s content and receive course credit by examination. Students are provided an eBook and given 180 days from time of course access to complete a 125 item examination successfully. Credit is awarded when a 70% or greater is earned. These courses are offered at a significantly discounted rate compared to general education credit hour courses.

“Nurse Appreciation” Scholarship

American Sentinel appreciates nurses and their service. New students who have been Registered Nurses for 10 years or more, are eligible to receive a tuition rate of $450 per credit hour, which can save up to $3,420 off the cost of the degree.

  • New M.S. Nursing students
  • New course-based MBA Healthcare students
  • New Doctor of Nursing Practice students – applies to M.S. Nursing bridge courses only (N501PE, N505PE and N515PE)
  • Nurses who have been an RN for 10 years or more. Years of service determine by Associates of Science Nursing (ADN) graduation date.
  • Graduate tuition rate is $545 per credit hour or $1,635 per course
  • With the scholarship the tuition rate is $450 per credit hour or $1,350 per course
  • Master’s programs require a total of 36 to 42 credit hours (some certifications may translate into college credit)

Expertise in IT Scholarship

New students who have experience working in Information Technology or Information Management professions and/or hold qualified IT certifications are eligible to receive a reduced tuition rate, which can save you up to $3,420 off your degree.

New students enrolling in the following programs:

  • Course-based MBA Healthcare
  • MSN, Nursing Informatics


  • Have five or more years work experience in informatics, information technology or information management, OR
  • Hold any one of the IT industry certifications recognized for potential transfer credit by American Sentinel University or any non-expired Microsoft, CISCO or ESRI certification, or Informatics Nursing Certification
  • Graduate tuition rate is $545 per credit hour or $1,635 per course
  • With the scholarship the tuition rate is $450 per credit hour or $1,350 per course
  • Master’s programs require a total of 36 credit hours (some certifications may translate into college credit)

UBenefit Payment Plan

American Sentinel University wants to make earning your degree more affordable. With the UBenefit payment plan, students can finance their entire degree by making low, fixed monthly payments. Like our other payment plan options, there are no interest charges to use this payment plan. Please note that American Sentinel uses a 3rd party loan servicer to service these payment plans. Students will be assessed a one-time finance charge of $250 which can be included in the amount financed on their plan. This fee is not subject to refund after the five (5) calendar day cancellation period.

  • $250 a month RN to B.S. Nursing and RN to B.S. Nursing, CBE Powered by SIMPath™ (books and some fees not included)
  • $400 a month M.S. Nursing (books and other fees not included)
  • $400 a month MBA Healthcare (books and other fees not included)
  • New students enrolling on or after March 1, 2017  in the RN to B.S. Nursing, RN to B.S. Nursing, CBE Powered by SIMPath™, M.S. Nursing or MBA Healthcare program
  • Students qualifying for discounted tuition rates are also eligible for the UBenefit Payment Plan.

There are no changes to the standard 2018 undergraduate tuition rate:

  • $420 per credit hour for RN to B.S Nursing, course based
  • $3,000 per semester for RN to B.S. Nursing, CBE Powered by SIMPath™
  • $545 per credit hour for M.S Nursing.

Students qualifying for discounted tuition rates may also be eligible for the UBenefit monthly payment plan.