General Education Learning Outcomes

General Education Mission:

American Sentinel University’s General Education curriculum promotes an integrative academic experience to support the acquisition of the abilities, skills, and knowledge-sets fundamental to life-long learning and the enhancement of professional and civic lives in our global society.

Learning Outcomes

All graduates of American Sentinel University will demonstrate:

  • Critical Thinking: The ability to recognize problems, judge evidence, analyze and produce arguments, and accurately identify valid inferences
  • Communication Competency: The ability to clearly and effectively communicate ideas and information to others in written, oral, and multimedia formats.
  • Knowledge Acquisition: The possession of content knowledge adequate for the performance of duties in one’s field of study, the ability to engage responsibly as global citizens, as well as the ability to locate relevant and useful information related to a particular problem or topic and accurately judge its veracity and authenticity.

The curriculum focuses on four key areas:

Communication Competency 6 credit hours
Humanities 9 credit hours
Behavioral and Social Sciences 9 credit hours
Science, Mathematics and Information Technology 6 credit hours
Total General Education Requirements 30 credit hours