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Innovations that Inspire & Empower

Throughout our history, American Sentinel has introduced a steady stream of award winning innovations to inspire and empower our students in every aspect of their education – in the classroom and beyond. In fact, it’s in our mission.

The Empowered Classroom™ is American Sentinel University’s learning ecosystem, curated by faculty, facilitated by advanced technologies, empowering individual student pathways to learning and outcomes by developing competencies that create confidence for professional and civic leadership.

Sentinel City®, and Sentinel Town® are virtual simulations that empower students to complete community health and leadership practice experiences from their own digital devices.

Sentinel U™, is a division of American Sentinel; they advance nursing academic education and healthcare professional training by providing virtual clinicals, simulations and scenarios that are engaging, effective, and economic.

RN to BSN Powered by SIMPath® uses immersive virtual simulations so students can apply their knowledge and experience to complete their degree in as little as eight months. While the SIMPath® modality was introduced in the BSN program, we have now expanded this model to the MSN and MBA programs as well.

Sentinel Health Data Lab TM

Sentinel Health Data Lab™ provides online access to actual healthcare data inspiring our MSN, DNP and MBA Healthcare students to create innovative solutions to today’s most pressing healthcare issues and opportunities. Students have access to regionally accurate, deidentified data regarding quality measures, claims reports, financial budgets and margins, and much more to aid in their education.

30+ digital tools in our classroom support student learning at every turn empowers them to learn how, when, and where they want.



(My Anytime University Resource Aid) is a Virtual Assistant (text/voice) available 24/7/365 that provides answers to the more than 500 questions students typically ask. And, she was on the job before Alexa® was introduced!

Professor IQ

Professor IQ®

Another Virtual Assistant (text/voice) is available 24/7/365 in most classrooms to quickly and effectively answer student’s course related questions.


Our Click/Learn™ student portal with an individual student dashboard provides student access to all the university resources from the library to the classrooms and to all administrative services. And behind the scenes we are transforming our processes to empower students with a personalized, elegant learning experience through our Digital University Transformation Program – making the school not only one of the early online universities, but a fully-digital one as well.

Digital Assignment

Virtual clinical scenarios such as Prioritization of Care®, Patient Management and Delegation® and Family Support & Home Assessments™ speed effective learning in a no-risk environment and give students virtual clinical experience when in-person experience is sometimes difficult to secure.

Innovation in our courses empowers students with a flexible, fast, friction-free learning environment. Our innovations inspired the inception of Sentinel U™, a division of American Sentinel University, that now provides our innovative services to more than 160 other nursing schools in the U.S. and Canada. View a brief video about Sentinel U™. 

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