Project-based MBA Healthcare - Curriculum

Strategic Management

Strategic management is the utilization of knowledge and skills from a business and healthcare perspective that provides leadership and direction to healthcare organizations.
Competency: Integrate healthcare management strategies for a proposed project to meet an identified need in the healthcare environment.

Organizational Development

Organizational development expands the knowledge and effectiveness of an organization to successfully accomplish its mission.
Competency: Create a plan for the continued development of a healthcare organization, including change management, employee training, leadership succession, goal setting, and ethical development.


Marketing is the promotion or selling of products or services, including market research and advertising, internal or external.
Competency: Create a detailed marketing plan for a healthcare product or service.

Service Management

Service management focuses on providing value to the customer and also on the customer relationship.
Competency: Determine the managerial roles, processes, technologies, and tools applicable to a variety of health services organizations.

Managerial Accounting

Managerial accounting provides information to those inside an organization to analyze, interpret, and communicate information to attain an organization’s goals.
Competency: Design a managerial accounting plan for the healthcare project.

Operations Management

Operations management is the practice to create high-level efficiencies within an organization.
Competency: Conduct a review or create the policies, processes and operations of the organization using industry-recognized tools.

Human Resource Management

Human resource management functions are designed to maximize employee performance to meet an employer’s strategic objectives, primarily with the management of people within organizations.
Competency: Determine the role and responsibilities of human resources for a healthcare project.

Risk Management

Risk management is the identification and analysis of potential or actual unforeseen events followed by precautionary actions or interventions that avoid or minimize the impact of the unforeseen events.
Competency: Detail the structure required to manage risk for a healthcare project.

Financial Management

Financial Management provides information about the organization’s financial health to external stakeholders, creditors, and other outside the organization through the use of concise standardized financial statements.
Competency: Create a detailed financial management plan for a healthcare project.

Project Management

Project management involves planning, executing and evaluating the work of individuals or a team to achieve a specific event or goal to completion
Competency: Propose a project management plan to achieve the strategic goals of the healthcare project.

Business Analytics

Business analytics is the iterative analysis of an organization’s data for continuous quality improvement.
Competency: Using industry-recognized business intelligence tools, conduct a review of the organization’s business intelligence and data system.

Performance Improvements

Performance improvement is a series of activities that can be measured to guide modifications to, increase the output of, the efficiency of, or the effectiveness of a project.
Competency: Provide a quality-centric organizational project culture with knowledge and tools to improve functioning and advocate excellence.