M.S. Nursing, Infection Prevention and Control - Curriculum

Get your summaryCompletion of the MSN, infection prevention and control specialization, requires 36 credit hours. Students may be eligible to transfer up to 18 credit hours from previous graduate study.
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REQUIRED COURSES (36 credit hours)
Core Courses (18 credit hours)
N501PE MSN Role Development 3
N512 Advanced Pathophysiology 3
N505PE Theoretical Foundations 3
N515PE Research Design 3
N521 Advanced Pharmacology 3
N522PE Advanced Physical Assessment 3
Nursing Infection Prevention and Control Specialization (18 credit hours)
EPI500 Clinical Epidemiology 3
BIO501 Introduction to Identification of the Infectious Disease Process 3
N570PE Infection Prevention and Control 3
N571PE Design of a Surveillance System 3
N572PE Collection and Interpretation of Surveillance Data 3
N555PE MSN Capstone 3

* Credit hours are equivalent to semester hours