MSN Practice Experiences

To be at the forefront of nursing education, we not only strive to meet accreditors’ guidelines, but we also work to meet the needs of our nursing students. Both our students and AACN agree, nursing is a practice profession. So, to enhance the experience of our nursing students, we offer Practice Experiences as part of our MSN program. These experiences are built into the courses and do not add additional work. Instead, they offer more interactive learning assignments.

Here’s what one MSN student had to say about her experience:

Nursing is a practice profession. It involves doing, not just talking about doing – which is where practice experience assignments are great. My favorite PE involved bringing new technology to the nursing unit. I identified a list of smart phone apps (many of which were free) that nurses could use as resources in their daily practices. I created a hand-out that broke down costs, where to download the app, and what use it provided. The PE not only helped me in my studies, it helped me help others.Anita Herring

Anita Herring, MSN Nursing Informatics Specialization

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  • PRACTICE LEARNING EXPERIENCES (PLE): Course assignments that allow you to use what you learned in the online classroom out in the real world
  • SIMULATIONS (S): Assignments that involve participation in virtual settings
  • PRECEPTED PRACTICE EXPERIENCES (PPE): Course assignments that take place in the workplace or other healthcare  settings

For more detailed information, please see the MSN Practice Experiences Quick Start Guide and the Nursing Practice Experience Guide.