Flexible and affordable RN to BSN online program

If you’re a healthcare professional who wants to make a difference, you pay attention to what actually works. That’s exactly what we do at American Sentinel, and it’s why last year 91% of registered nurses enrolled in our RN to BSN program graduated with their Bachelor of Science Nursing degrees. Most students are working professionals with full-time jobs, families and personal obligations – just like you. Their success is why we keep 100% of our coursework online with 24/7 access.

Earn Your Degree, when you want, how you want…

Nursing is your profession, and understanding your needs, is ours. Not all students learn the same way, or bring the same knowledge and experience to the table, so we have created a new way for you to earn your degree. You can now choose the traditional course-based RN to BSN, or you can explore new ways to show your skills with the RN to BSN, CBE powered by SIMPath™. (CBE stands for Competency Based Education – a new approach where students can advance at their own pace as they show mastery of the materials.)

Students completing either option will receive a CCNE-accredited RN to BSN degree. The best option for you depends on your experience, time and preferred learning environment.


RN to BSN, course-based

100% Online
Complete 10 courses
Structured 8 week courses
Affordably priced, $400/credit hour
Traditional discussion posts, papers and coursework
Courses can be overlapped or spaced out to finish the program in your own time
Textbooks as required with resources available 24/7
Transfer up to 90 credits toward total of 120
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RN to BSN, CBE Powered by SIMPathTM

100% Online
Complete 10 competencies
Self-paced, 16-week terms (complete up to 4 competencies in 16 weeks)
Affordably priced, $3,000/16 weeks
Show competency in unique ways (graphics, presentations, papers, or something completely new) and gain experience through digital simulations
Use knowledge you already have to complete competencies faster, saving time and money
Digital books and resources available 24/7
Transfer up to 90 credits toward total of 120
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