RN to BSN Practice Experiences

Practice Experience hours are embedded in three of the RN to BSN courses and they replace other required coursework activities such as reading and written assignments. Community engagement hours allow the student to complete activities that link directly to assignments and projects, allowing students to put their new skills and knowledge to use immediately.


  • IDENTIFY a trouble area in your healthcare organization and assemble a plan to address it (example: plan to reduce the number of patient falls in a unit)
  • EXPLORE “Sentinel City” by riding a virtual bus and cataloging social and environmental issues in the community
  • USE your skills to assess a virtual patient and create a discharge plan for that patient based on your observations
  • SHADOW a nurse leader in your specialization, paying special attention to how they apply nursing theory in their daily work
  • DEVELOP an educational session that focuses on evidence-based practice in the nursing field
  • INTERVIEW someone in upper management about the stewardship activities of the organization
  • REVIEW the structure of your organization and note both the formal and informal power structures and alliances that influence decision-making

For detailed information about RN to BSN Practice Experiences, please see BSN Practice Experience Quick Start Guide and Nursing Practice Experience Guide for more information.

Practice experiences (PEs) are educational opportunities built into the nursing programs to accommodate programmatic accreditor (CCNE and ACEN) requirements. Though it is a new type of assignment, PEs are not extra work, instead they replace more traditional schoolwork, such as reading and writing assignments. As interactive learning assignments, PEs encourage students to put what they learned in the classroom to work immediately.

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