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Social Justice

American Sentinel College stands with all individuals and organizations working to improve social justice through diversity, equity and inclusiveness. As a healthcare-focused institution, the College stands with individuals and organizations actively engaged in activities to improve the health and safety of all communities.

Since the founding of American Sentinel, some two decades ago, we have clearly stated our mission, vision, goals, principles, service and values (see the About Us, Mission section of our website). We believe these statements are, collectively, indicative of our beliefs and actions that support diversity, equity and inclusion. In our statement of Values/Objectives, in particular, we state:

Connected and Inclusive

  • Act with integrity, behave ethically and transparently.
  • Value and embrace diversity.
  • Maintain a workplace that is characterized by safety, openness, creativity, challenge and innovation.

We believe that the College has always acted in concert with these statements.

Recent events around the world have inspired us to strengthen our understanding of every part of our institution and activities to ensure we are reflecting the social justice views of our stakeholders. As such, we have added a new statement on Social Justice to our website.

Importantly, we have also undertaken specific steps to continuously improve our programs, policies and practices to ensure that the College fully addresses issues related to identity, difference, culture, representation, power, oppression, and inequality. We will report on these initiatives each year in our annual report to stakeholders.