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Affiliation Agreements

An Affiliation Agreement is a contract between American Sentinel and your chosen facility where you would like to complete Precepted Practice Experience Hours. Most (but not all) facilities require this agreement, and American Sentinel will work with the facility to complete one. The University, however, does not require an Affiliation Agreement.

An existing Affiliation Agreement between American Sentinel and a healthcare facility does not guarantee that a student will be allowed/approved to complete Precepted Practice Experience Hours within that facility. Both the facility and American Sentinel University must agree to the terms or an agreement will not be fully executed.

American Sentinel University enters into Affiliation Agreements (AA) with third party facilities in order to allow students to complete Precepted Practice Experience(s) at said facility. Precepted Practice Experiences apply to all MSN and DNP students.

Precepted Practice Experiences (PPE) take place at your work place or other healthcare site. PPE’s require that you identify and obtain a preceptor who meets the stated requirement for a preceptor and who is employed at the site where you wish to complete the PPE.

Things to remember when starting this process:

  • Once the form (see link below) has been submitted, a member of the university staff will reach out to the contact provided on the form and will copy you on the email so you can follow along in the process. This initial contact will happen within 10 business days of submission.
  • American Sentinel University does not provide/publish a list of facilities where agreements currently exist.
    • It is the student’s responsibility to reach out to the facility to find out if there is an existing agreement, or
    • the student can send an email to to find out if a specific facility has an existing agreement.

Let’s Get Your Affiliation Agreement Started!