Academic Policy Authority

Policy Review and Modification

American Sentinel University’s academic policies undergo periodic review by the Chief Academic Officer, deans and faculty representatives to ensure they are consistent with administrative policy and meet the requirements of applicable oversight agencies. The Academic Policy Committee approves all changes to academic policies. Questions regarding the interpretation of academic policies should be submitted to the Chief Academic Officer.

The Chief Academic Officer is responsible for communicating, interpreting and ensuring the implementation of the university’s academic policies. The Chief Academic Officer is also responsible for determining how to proceed when an issue is not directly addressed in the academic policies or whether conditions warrant an exception to an existing policy.

Only the Chief Academic Officer may approve an exception to an academic policy. All policy exceptions must be in writing and placed in the student’s official file. Documentation should include the following:

  • Name and title (or student ID) of the person requesting the exception
  • Date of the request
  • Description of the requested exception
  • Reason for the exception