Academic Transcripts

An academic transcripts is an official and complete copy of a student’s academic work, which includes any official academic actions or changes, such as degrees, transfers or proficiency credit, special academic status, withdrawals or dismissals. All permanent academic records including transcripts are maintained by the university registrar.

University Transcripts

Students may obtain official or unofficial copies of their transcripts:

  • Official transcripts – Printed on security paper, forwarded to a third party and signed and embossed by the university registrar. Official copies may be issued to the student, but will be stamped “Issued to Student.”
  • Unofficial transcripts – Marked unofficial and printed on standard photocopy paper.

The reverse side of the transcript contains a key or legend of terms and definitions, which help clarify the information contained in the transcript. The key may contain, define or describe:

  • Academic calendar (and its definition)
  • Date of last revision to the key
  • Definition of academic terms
  • FERPA re-disclosure statement
  • Grading system
  • Institutional policy on recording all courses attempted
  • Institutional policy on withdrawals, transfer credits, incompletes and repeated courses
  • Method of certification as an official transcript (card stock used, embossed seal, etc.)
  • Method of GPA calculation
  • Name, address and telephone number of the institution
  • Unit of credit definition
  • Warning against alteration or forgery

External Transcripts and Records

External transcripts and records, such as high school or GED transcripts, transcripts from other colleges or universities and other official records, are retained as part of a student’s permanent record. Access is limited to authorized school employees. These records become the property of American Sentinel University.

Student Name Changes

Students requiring a name change after applying to American Sentinel must submit one of the following documents:

  • Certified copy of marriage license
  • Court order or dissolution decree
  • Court-filed name change documents

Non-U.S. citizens may submit a current passport or official proof of identity. Name changes can only be processed for current students. Former students, including those who have graduated, cannot change the name on their official university records, including their diploma.