Complaint Policy

Students are encouraged to attempt to resolve all grievances and concerns at the lowest possible level. The majority of all student grievances and concerns, therefore, will be resolved per Policy CM2.01 Student Grievance and Concern. If a student has an unresolved complaint concerning American Sentinel University programs, they should contact the president. If a student is not satisfied with the complaint that was settled at the institutional level, students may contact state accreditation boards, and other accreditation or regulatory bodies. Students agree to resolve disputes and claims against American Sentinel University using arbitration.


A student can initiate a complaint by contacting the president either by phone, mail, or email at the following address:

Mary Adams
American Sentinel University
2260 South Xanadu Way, Suite 310
Aurora, CO 80014
Tel. 303.991.1575

Upon receipt of the student complaint, the president, or designate, will review the complaint and associated records to determine if Policy CM2.01 was adequately executed and if there was an appropriate resolution. Within 30 business days, the President will take appropriate action and will respond to the student. The decision of the President is final.