Proctored Examinations


Examinations at American Sentinel University are designed specifically for the distance education setting. Some exams must be proctored (taken in the presence of another person who verifies the student’s identity).

Proctored exams must be requested by students prior to the last day of the course. Students are strongly encouraged to request their exam early to ensure that they can take and return the exam within the allotted timeframe. Proctored exams must be completed within one week of the end of the course. Students who fail to request the exam before the course end date will not be allowed to take the final exam.

Students are allowed to access their textbook during proctored exams, however notes and other study materials may not be used. Students are not permitted access to the Internet during the exams. All proctored exams have set time limits, which will be explained by the proctor before the exam begins.

Proctor Requirements

Students are responsible for selecting a person of good character with sound credentials as their proctor.

Students must select a proctor from one of the following groups:

Librarians: American Sentinel University prefers that librarians proctor exams. Libraries make excellent settings for taking examinations and librarians are generally experienced in serving as proctors. There may be a small proctoring fee charged by librarians.

Testing centers: Testing centers for taking proctored exams are members of The National College Testing Association (NCTA). NCTA is an organization of testing professionals in post-secondary institutions and testing companies. NCTA has more than 700 members in the United States.

The Consortium of College Testing Centers (CCTC) is a free referral service provided by the NCTA to facilitate distance learning. The purpose of the CCTC is to make test administration services available to students at locations close to where they live or work.

Supervisors or human resource representatives: Students may ask their supervisor or human resource representative at their place of employment to serve as a proctor as long as the individual is not their immediate supervisor or responsible for managing their day-to-day activities. In this case, students may have to schedule their exam during work hours and should first discuss this with their supervisor.

Other: Students may ask a minister, rabbi, law enforcement officer, teacher, principal or other educational administrator to serve as a proctor.

Unacceptable proctors: Family members, friends, current American Sentinel students, the student’s immediate supervisor, or anyone with a personal connection to the student are not allowed to serve as proctors.

Proctor Approval

Proctors must be approved by American Sentinel University before they will be authorized to administer exams. The student must submit the proctor’s credentials for review and approval before requesting his or her exam. The proctors will receive an agreement form from American Sentinel University that must be signed and returned prior to proctoring any examination. If an examination is received using a proctor that has not previously been approved, the exam will be returned ungraded.

Once approved a student may continue to use the same proctor throughout his/her time at American Sentinel. New proctors must be approved in the following situations:

  • The student’s relationship with proctor changes.
  • New credential information arises.
  • The student relocates.
  • The student chooses a new proctor.

American Sentinel University routinely verifies proctor information. If a student is found to have falsified proctor information, the student will be expelled under the student responsibilities policy.

Graded Final Exam Policy

Graded final exams will not be returned to students. The proctor should make a copy of the student’s answers for the paper exam before returning it to American Sentinel University. The proctor should keep this copy for two months, after which time the proctor may destroy this copy. The student should not keep a copy of the test questions or answers; only the proctor should have a copy. The test questions received from American Sentinel University should be destroyed by the proctor.