Social Media Policy

These guidelines for social media at American Sentinel University must be followed by American Sentinel employees and contractors interacting on behalf of American Sentinel. This includes individuals who create or contribute to blogs, wikis, social networks, virtual worlds or any other kind of social media, both at or on social media outlets using a university email addresses.

If an individual signs up as a friend of American Sentinel on Facebook, people can only see a photo and name, but not any other personal information. The same applies to LinkedIn. An individual can only see more information about the people with whom he or she is linked.

MySpace, Facebook and Twitter are different. Everyone can see everything. American Sentinel encourages employees not to link their MySpace or Facebook accounts to their American Sentinel-related social media accounts and if they do so, they should follow American Sentinel’s social media guidelines.

  • Follow American Sentinel values: Guidelines for functioning in an electronic world are the same as the guidelines that dictate the values, ethics and confidentiality policies by which employees are expected to live every day.
    • Adhere to student’s area of expertise and provide unique, individual perspectives on activities at American Sentinel and in the world.
    • Post meaningful, respectful comments and do not post remarks that are off-topic or offensive.
    • Always pause and think before posting. That said, reply to comments in a timely manner when a response is appropriate.
    • When disagreeing with others’ opinions, remain appropriate and polite.
  • Disclose Affiliation: If writing about school-related matters that are within student’s area of job responsibility, a person must disclose his or her affiliation with American Sentinel. Using a false name and concealing a relationship is misrepresentation.
  • Clarify an opinion: Unless authorized to speak on behalf of American Sentinel University, an individual should make clear that any views expressed are his or her own.
  • Protect oneself: Individuals are advised to be cautious when sharing personal information online. Business and pleasure should not be mixed on social network services such as Twitter. Common sense should prevail, but if in doubt about the appropriateness of a Tweet or posting, American Sentinel employees should seek approval from their supervisor before posting.
  • Act responsibly and ethically: When participating in online communities, individuals are advised not to misrepresent themselves or their occupational titles

Employees should never publish, post, release or disclose:

  • Numbers: Non-public financial or operational information. This includes strategies, forecasts and dollar figures.
  • Personal information regarding other employees or students.
  • Legal information: Anything to do with a legal issue, legal case or attorneys.
  • Confidential information: Employees should follow American Sentinel’s policies and live the school’s values and philosophies.