Student Rights

Every American Sentinel University student has:

  • The right to appeal academic matters, such as school policies, regulations, and processes that affect their academic progress.
  • The right to receive academic information in writing at the beginning of a course of instruction and to request further clarification of the following information from the professor/instructor delivering the course:
    • The course schedule, outline, and objectives.
    • The type of teaching/ learning methods to be employed in the course.
    • The methods of assessment of achievement and evaluation procedures.
    • Expectations of academic conduct from the course professor.
  • The right to make, without fear of reprisal, a responsible complaint of unfairness, harassment, or discrimination, and the right to petition the appropriate authority for changes in university policies and procedures.
  • The right to appeal academic grades.
  • The right to be honestly and fully informed about the reason for institutional policies and procedures and to make representation for change in policies and procedures.
  • The right to be graded on academic performance and to be protected by well-defined procedures against prejudiced or capricious evaluation by professors.
  • The right to the privacy of his or her records and to examination of such records. This includes the right to be notified in the event of adverse information being placed in their official student file.
  • The right, in accordance with the Freedom of Information and Privacy Act, to protection from release of information concerning any of his or her student files to anyone without the student’s prior written consent.