Student-initiated Withdrawals

Students who wish to withdraw from the University should notify their student success advisor. Students must clearly identify the effective date of withdrawal, which must be on or after the date of notification, and the reason for the withdrawal. Students may make the notification in any manner (e.g., phone, email, fax, mail, in person). The official withdrawal date is defined as the date the school is notified.

Administrative-initiated Withdrawals

The dean or designee may initiate a withdrawal for violation of policy without the student’s request. The university registrar will enter an administrative withdrawal in the student’s record should the student:

  • Fail to return from a standard period of non-enrollment.
  • Fail to maintain satisfactory academic progress.
  • Fail to maintain passing grades.
  • Fail to pay tuition and fees on time.
  • Fail to comply with the university’s academic policies.
  • Fail to disclose a felony or other conviction that may cause the student to not pass a background check.
  • Engage in improper or unlawful conduct.
  • Bring discredit to the university.
  • Engage in behavior that interferes with the educational process or human or civil rights of another student or American Sentinel employee.
  • Fail to comply with the university’s rules and regulations as published in this catalog.

Any refund due to the student or other agencies will be calculated and refunded according to the tuition refund policy.